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-About Me-

Klara Sofe is the pen name for a young girl who aspires to one day be a published author, whose passion is reading as many books as she can get her hands on, and who loves being with her family.

She enjoys connecting with people, over coffee or the internet. When she’s not typing away, working on school work or her latest story idea, she can be found taking long walks, chatting with her mom, or babysitting her siblings.

Klara’s also a Christian, who lives to glorify the One who gave her her love of reading and her passion for writing. She seeks to love Him in everything she does.

Her mother calls her a coffee snob, her sister says she has a ‘writer’s flare’, her best friend is also a bookworm and puts up with all the weird tendencies that come with the title, and her pet fish just love her, faults and all.