The Apple Grove Girls- Laura Martin

Synopsis: The Apple Grove Girls are a group of four friends who have known each other forever. They have shared in each other’s joys and fun and, since the passing of Piper’s dad, in their grief too. But this year, the girls’ friendship is taken to a whole new level. Nellie, Bekka and Alice don’t know what to do as they watch Piper being bullied. They wrestle with hard questions about prayer and God’s will. Meanwhile, Piper wonders if God really even does care for her? After all, it was He who took her daddy.



Very little; Piper is bullied by another girl, who steps on her foot or shoves her head underneath a tap.









Piper doesn’t want anyone to tell their parents or her teacher of the bullying, which she ultimately learns had been a mistake. They do tell.






A Christian book about trials and how God uses them, about prayer and salvation, about where God is in trials and why they occur… The girls pray and talk about God in most of their conversations and scripture is quoted.


Overall feel: It’s a story about a young girl struggling with bullying and still grieving her dad, conflicted about her faith in God. Delving into important topics everyone struggles with, it’s rooted in Biblical truths and their practical application. It’s a book that will tug at your heart, and remind you of the sovereignty and comfort of God.


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