Discovering Your Love Interest: A Guide From YA Fiction

Have you ever wondered where your soulmate is?

If you knew them?

What they were doing at that moment?

…well, maybe not the last one.

But I have something revolutionary to share: you need to wonder no more!

This post is the first in a series of guides inspired by YA fiction, contemporary or otherwise. ‘Discovering Your Love Interest’ is your guide to finding, identifying, discovering, seeking, or locating your Love Interest (L.I.) according to popular (and unpopular) YA books.

1) Move

As simple as this sounds, moving is a perfect option. Across the world would be best (L.I. would have an awesome accent), but across the continent, country, state, town, or city might work as well.

By doing this, you will move next door to your L.I. Four doors down, across the street, around the corner… it doesn’t matter. You will now be neighbours with your L.I. It works every time.

This will cause you to accidentally run into them, stalk their everyday life, meet their friends, etc., etc. Because, really. Opportunities will be endless if you live so close to your L.I.

Now, this is unnecessary if L.I. is already living next to you. (Any cute neighbours you may have “not noticed”?) But if L.I. does not live close to you, then a move is absolutely necessary. Or… if you’re feeling a little hesitant to permanently leave, travelling could work too.

2) Travel

Travelling is an excellent, almost sure, way of finding your L.I.

By travelling you will meet many people, including a heavily-accented L.I. (Because everyone knows accents are always cute and understandable, and never frustrating).

There are several ways to meet your L.I. if you travel.

The first, and most likely, will be by encountering them at the airport. If you do meet them, or run into them, or make eye contact and immediately feel that otherworldy connection, you can know they’ll be sitting next to you on the aeroplane. You will have hours of time to really connect and get to know one another.

Oh, and be prepared for them to have an irrational fear of heights, in which case they will hold onto you like a lifeline.

Another way to meet your L.I. by travelling would be in the foreign place you stay. If you plan on making multiple stops or only decide to stay in one city/town/rural area, do not worry. Your L.I. will show up wherever you might be.

This will provide excellent opportunities for randomly running into them, connecting over weird habits or obsessions, and ending up trapped together at some point.

But alas, travelling is not for the faint of heart (or the small of purse). So, if you’d rather stay closer to home, you can always start failing school.

3) Tutor

Now, this is a good plan if you’re already failing P.E. Get your coach, tell him the name of the possible, extremely fit L.I. that could help you excel at P.E., and you’re all set.

The best way to ensure your L.I. as your tutor would be to fail multiple classes, and the ones you know they are good at. Er… if you don’t know who they are yet, then this may be a guessing game. But it’s easy, and bound to work 60 percent of the time.

Of course, it doesn’t always work like this. Sometimes you’re the one who has to do the teaching.

For this plan to work, start getting A+s. Don’t panic when the teacher asks you to stay after class- they will have your L.I. standing there, glaring at you, and force you two to spend countless time together.

Of course, you will be responsible for getting their grades up to par, but it’s all good if you get paid and fall in love.

See? Win/win situation, bound to work flawlessly.

If either of these options sounds like too much (or too little) work, then you could also start hating someone.

4) Hate

For some reason, “there’s a thin line between hate and love.”

It doesn’t matter what I, the author of this guide, thinks about this. It only matters that it works.

According to countless sources, hating will ultimately win you your L.I.

Step One: Pick someone to hate. Now, this may not be necessary if you had someone terrorize you in kindergarten and you know them still. Hold that grudge, and you’re all set.

(Make sure to pick someone good looking, and preferably nice. Don’t come complaining if you picked someone you would never like. *scoffs* People these days.)

Step Two: Hate them. This is the first step. I guess this is more of an attitude to be applied, but in all cases, this will aid you.

You can also apply this guideline to every other option.

For example: If you hate the celebrity L.I. you sit next to on the aeroplane, he will be in love with you by the time you land. If you hate the person who’s supposed to help you become fit, then your love story will be secure in a week or two.

And this leads to the next guideline.

5) Aggression

Now, girls, this one is similar to the hatred. But this one is especially crucial when it comes to celebrities, bad boys, and princes.

As everyone knows, both celebrities and princes tire of being treated like royalty, gazed upon in adoration, and having girls around the world in love with them. So when you meet them, act the opposite.

Insult their work, whether it be acting, singing, songwriting, or ruling a country. Make them feel bad about their reputations (whether they be bad or worse). Remind them of the people who do not like them (you), of their duties (or time to relax), or of their hidden love of their father.

They are bound to have daddy issues. It is up to you to fix your L.I.’s familial ties.

Now, if your L.I. is a bad boy (we will go in-depth about types next post), remember to a throw him the same bad attitude he gives everyone else.

This will cause him to have a revelation about how he’s been hurting people and cause him to become obsessed with you. Because I mean, how dare you talk so fearlessly to the baddest of all bad boys?

6) Fake it

This works every. Single. Time. According to innumerable sources, faking a relationship will give you one 100% of the time.

Don’t question why you would have to fake a relationship.

Just do it.

Now, you may have a warped idea of who your L.I. is at this moment. Are they your ex? The person who has never noticed you? The one who you’ll make jealous by pretending to date someone else?

Nah- they’re the one who you’re going to pretend with.

Again, remember this when you pick out the person to fake a relationship with.

7) Become best friends with someone

This is pretty standard. If you don’t already have a best friend, acquire one ASAP. If your current best friend does not have an older brother or younger sister, then you should find another one.

Why should you do this? Well, their sibling is your L.I. (Shocker.)

This is a perfect solution to your singleness- you already fit into their family, so why not make it permanent?

If your BFF’s parents don’t like you, or your best friend is against the idea of you loving their sibling, don’t worry.

You can become star-crossed lovers.

8) Acquire a sibling

Chances are, if you have siblings, they will have friends.

If you don’t have a sibling; acquire one immediately. If your sibling is of the wrong age, then acquire another one. (Or trade siblings with someone).

This will greatly increase your chances of your L.I. being your brother’s best friend, your sister’s younger friend, or so on.

Again, the same rules apply to #7: if there are obstacles in the way, don’t worry. These things have a habit of working themselves out perfectly.

9) Be a klutz

I don’t care if you’re a pro-gymnast, a ballerina or a really fit athlete. You need to become clumsy.

Why? Because you will spill coffee on your L.I., trip over them in the hallway, or, the most common, land on top of them when falling.

This will lead you to discover who they are, as well as affirming you your long-time crush is the One.

(Note: please watch out. If you’re a massive football player, don’t crush the poor nerd. We don’t want hospital trips.)

10) Meet strangers (all the time)

This can look different for each person, but the gist of it is to meet NEW people.

If you haven’t discovered your L.I. yet, then you might not know him.

Meeting new people is the perfect way to go… because of this:

Jane walked into the room, feeling out of place. Was her plain dress really good enough?

Her friend took her arm and grinned, tugging her into the crowd of people.

And then Jane saw him.

Their eyes met- it was like lightning, and thunder, and fireworks. Butterflies exploded in her stomach, the world faded away-

Yeah. Let’s stop there.

But you get the gist: Insta-Love is the way to go. Works 99.99% of the time, take minimalistic effort (unless you’re an introvert), and you have to believe in the power of True Love.

Like Anna, from Frozen. Believe in it, ‘kay?


Now, we come to the end of the first guide: Discovering Your Love Interest.

I hope it helps you in discovering WHO your Love Interest is. As you know, Teen Fiction and Young Adult reads have a great way of bringing us back to reality and setting our expectations straight.

So look out for my next post: Types of Love Interests: For Girls. The boys will have their guide released soon after the girls’.

As chivalry, which is not dead, dictates: ladies first.

Leave some more ideas in the comments- offer some more advice, feedback, and examples of how this worked in your favourite Y.A. reads.

< 3 klara

Please note: I do not necessarily condone all, or any, of these options. They were taken from fiction, so please beware of the slight chance of failure.

My own personal views on encountering this in works of fiction are one of strong dislike, eye-rolling, and/or hysterical laughter.

Intended for humouristic purposes, I did not write this as a guide to hate someone. Please refrain from doing so in REAL LIFE. Hate is not the answer.

There’s a reason why this is called YA fiction

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