Last Moments

In memory of those lost to school shootings.
I hope you’ve found peace.

Everyone always thought I held my life
Gripped in between my confident hands
Little did they know I was lost, set adrift
And not able to tell a soul; they wouldn’t understand

So I traversed the hallways at school
Excited about music, and class, and friends
I would do well and live up to expectations
Even if the work never seemed to end

And on a normal day, the time came
As I woke up, I didn’t know then
But I was living my last moments
Focused on the now, then and again

I was laughing with Mary-Ann
Racing Bryan down the hallways
Handing in the homework due
Going through my teenage ‘phase’

We ate our lunches quickly
Sacrificing laughter for worry
Thinking about tomorrow
Leaving today blurry

And then, after lunch
We sat in class, as usual
When pop, pop was heard
It had to be an illusion

But the guy came to our class
And one moment was so long
Our gazes locked; he seemed normal
Yet I knew something was wrong

I barely heard the shots
The shouts
The chairs being shoved
The doubts

I could feel the pain
Dulling everything

And then I closed my eyes
And I prayed
My life had been about me
I wish I’d stayed

And fixed the selfishness
Given more to others
Lived for something more
Comfort my parents

And as I prayed
Forgiveness washed over me
And comfort took the pain
And I was free

With prayers for those left behind,
< 3 klara

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