“The Snow is Falling!”

evenin’ Travellers

I quickly scribbled down a poem about today.

Because even though it should be February and the world is supposed to be warming up, us British Columbians woke up to a foot of snowfall.

And I climbed back in bed.

i woke up to the sound

of my sister calling

she said that outside

the snow was falling

my head sunk in despair

it was supposed to be spring

we may be used to the cold

but it still stings

just so it is with you

each time you leave

i’m used to it

but still i grieve

and the cold bites 

just as much as your words

the snowflakes fall

and so do the house of cards

we live in canada

spring does not matter

our friendship looks perfect

it is shattered

i am tired of this

but i keep trying

we wanted to be sisters

you were lying

love is not two-sided

it does not depend 

i still work at it

and hope it will mend

i should not give up

we all make mistakes

i will drop expectations

and love always

the snowflakes keep falling

the wind still bites

but it will all be gone soon

mornings follow nights

< 3 klara

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