away, away, away

Hello, fellow Travellers

I have another poem for you!

This one is a mash of broken friendships, fantasy reading and realising that sometimes you lose people, and sometimes you leave them.


I turn to look over my shoulder

There the pieces left stuck in the mud

I look forward and take the first step

Away away away


I turn to watch the life pass

I had left behind to keep close to you

I quickly take another step to get

Away away away


A new life had been given, but

I will always regret saying goodbye

Yet I will gladly take another,

Away away away


Knowing I will leave you free

And that I will have no time to grieve

Since I will have my second chance

Away away away


Life will be messy and chaotic

My balance, I need to regain again

I am eager to start anew

Away away away


Taken by what you ‘believe’

You are left to stand in a world of dust

By choice, watching me walk

Away away away


You call for forgiveness

But we both know you have only regret

I nod to you but turn again

Away away away


I would die again for you

And go through all the pain and suffering

But now I also know that I’ve been called

Away away away


Parallel lives, never to cross

I am not yours but have been bought

By the One who knows and calls me

Away away away


I may not have experienced a broken heart over a guy before, but I have lost many friends. So many, that I am almost permanently friendless.

And it’s not always purposefully leaving them- it’s betrayal, too.

Read more poems of mine on Wattpad.

Common, by Klara Sofe. 

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