The Cruel Prince- Holly Black

why, hello there,

I’m seriously at a loss when it comes to starting a post.  *sighs*

But I have something special to share… a review on The Cruel Prince by Holly Black and an aesthetic I quickly chucked together. (It’s okay, right…?)


initial thoughts

I saw this in the bookstore yesterday…

…and I suddenly remembered that everyone was talking about this in rapt excitement and eager anticipation

So I read it (on my e-reader, though, not the real deal)

And I thought many things.

I thought the fae were a race of subtle cruelty and underhanded betrayal. Of little loyalty and no love. Of a false beauty and attraction that will only lead to ruin and malice.

And Jude fell.

She fell into murder and betrayal and cunning plots. She fights the system, yet sinks into a hole deeper than they have. She yearns to become more- for if she cannot be them than she will be worse than them.

I thought the book was interesting and engaging. There was intrigue (it was the Faerie Court after all) and political webs and murders and a mystery of lineage.

There was a cruel prince with the best statement ever. I laughed out loud when I read it, and then highlighted it. Here you are;

Most of all, I hate you because I think of you. Often. It’s disgusting, and I can’t stop.

(I ship them. She’s a killer and he’s an absolute wretch, but hey. They suit.)

I thought that we could’ve done without some elements… or at least mentioned them in passing instead of detail.


  • You had violence; massacres, killing, beatings, bullying.
  • There was talk of infidelity and faithlessness, as well as mistresses and lovers. There were several kisses. A girl is bisexual and her girlfriend makes an appearance in the story. Jude sleeps next to someone, but nothing happens.
  • Not much language.
  • Characters get drunk and enjoy parties and revelry and being carefree.


finishing thoughts

So I won’t read it again, or recommend it.

I probably won’t even go further into the series, as sad as that is. I will come search reviews for spoilers, though.

This is due to my personal views on marriage and identity, as well as drunkenness and revelry.

The story would’ve been AMAZING… but the content was unfortunately not the best.

< 3 klara

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