Journey By Ship



Faith, the chain that holds me to my Anchor

Hope, the stars that lead to my destination

Worship, it has become our banner

Unity, the reason we welcome any nation


Conscious, the lighthouse that sends warning

Calamity, the waves that are driven to toss about

Plans, the misleading rays of sun in the morning

Sovereignty, the storm that after the morn sprouts


Peace, the short rest in the eye of the storm

Law, the oars that help to provide direction

Confidence, the rocking that supplies a false norm

Legality, the paint –  a cover-up sense of perfection


Trust, the compass crucial to our journey

Love, the winds that blow in our sails

Depression, it makes the waters murky

Protection, given by the Builder of the rails


Joy, the hopeful sailors’ merry cheers

Mercy, the sails attached to the mast

Doubt, the iceberg that threatens to pierce

Shadows, only important to those stuck in the past


Temptation, the beautiful snowflakes that fall

Consequences, the blizzard that follows

Guilt, the ice that keeps trapped us all

Forgiveness, thawing that spreads from the shallows


Inspiration, the ripples that influence

Prayer, the signals used as a language

Respect, the crew’s humble deference

Pride, the distraction of extra baggage


Trials, the tempest that leaves you stronger

Dawn, the beginning of a new reign

Healing sometimes comes with pain that stretches longer

Comfort, it will fully come at the end of the line


Works, the proof of our faith, it’s pennant

Patience, waiting eagerly for a time unknown

Rebirth, the end of our sad independence

Heaven, the destination to us made shown


This is really not a new concept- that life is a journey.

Life is a journey that must be traveled no matter how bad the roads and accommodations.

-Oliver Goldsmith, Irish poet

Without music, life is a journey through a desert.

-Pat Conroy, American writer

A journey through a desert, a journey on a path, a journey by ship… it all comes back to the fact that life is a journey.

This poem of mine, *cleverly* titled Journey By Ship, illustrates this point.

Hope you liked it,

< 3 klara

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