The Ladder of Life

good morning, Travellers

This past week has been busy- kickstarting more projects, writing three chapters in Bullet that brought together some key things and cleared up a few questions, and trying to get ahead in Pre-Calc 11. (So not happening!)

And then I found my little poetry booklet, and I picked out one of my favourites.

It was written for a character in a project of mine, but I felt like sharing it.


A girl balanced upon the ladder of life

Her fears waiting at its bottom

She hadn’t gotten high in the climb

But she’d been forgotten


She’d lost what she’d valued

It had been snatched away

She knew there was a purpose to it

But she was still full of dismay


Because even though she trusted

And she went on with the climb

She was riddled with doubt and sadness

Not knowing what to do this time


How to get out, how to go on

How to lean on the only One

How to learn, how to love

When she felt like the world had won


Her heart was stupid

Her mind was dumb

Life was a pathway

And she stumbled


Her heart was broken

Her head was wrong

Life came at her

And she wasn’t strong


Her heart had shattered

Her head was slow

Life was a stairway

And she didn’t know


She felt like a failure and knew

She had made many mistakes

And now, on the rungs, she stood

Unable to conjure up a smile, fake


She was exhausted and tired

Barely able to grip the ladder

To hold on and continue was all she desired

One day, maybe even laughter


< 3 klara

image was taken from google

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