Girl in the Red Hood- Brittany Fichter

Synopsis: After her father moves the family to a village deep in a sunless forest, Liesel is bitten by a wolf, and unbeknownst to her, marked for a terrifying destiny. Befriended by a mysterious boy in the woods soon after, however, Liesel finds herself falling in love with the one person in the world who can save her from that awful end or doom her to it. In this retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, Liesel must decide whether to accept her fate for the sake of those she loves, or fight for the freedom to choose her own way.



A wolf attacks Liesel, biting her hand. Liesel starves through a winter, as her father forgets about her in his drunken state. Her father is attacked by a wolf and killed. Liesel is attacked and chased by wolves several times. Kurt and her grandfather get in a physical fight or two. A misshapen wolf is shot through the neck with an arrow. A character chokes another



Liesel and Kurt gradually fall in love throughout the book. Her dad tells her the tale of how he met her mother. Kurt kisses her on the cheek. The wolves’ curse is such that the alpha has to marry in order to sustain their humanity- most pack leaders remarry several times. Liesel is forced into such an engagement. A character flirts with her, attempting to steal her from her betrothed. Kurt and Liesel kiss at their wedding, and after.



Liesel’s father is a drunk, which she repulses, but she helps him whenever he comes home in such a state. She’s offered a position as a tavern girl (which she refuses). Characters drink at a dance.



Mention of someone bribing the mayor.






Like the other books in the series, we have the Maker, to whom they pray. People go to church on Holy Day.



Liesel’s mother grew ill from ‘little bits of dark power’. She dies from poison.


Overall feel: A heartfelt fantasy, about a girl and boy who lived with the effects if an evil curse. They find love. hope and forgiveness. The book has a beautiful story, yet throughout it may seem a little dark and depressing. You yearn for the light as Liesel does, and it finally comes after much trials and hardships.

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