The Princess Games- Melanie Cellier

Synopsis: They call her the Sleeping Princess, but Celeste is far from asleep…

Celeste has been cursed since her sixteenth birthday–just not in the way the rest of the kingdom thinks. All they see is her breath-taking beauty, marred by her foolishness. Only she knows that she retains her brilliant mind. And it’s a secret she must keep at all costs.

Over the years she’s grown accustomed to the necessary deception. After all, her life depends on it. And she’s even found a way to protect her kingdom, working from the shadows. But now a dangerous new threat has emerged, one that Celeste can’t defeat alone. She needs the help of a newly-arrived prince. One who’s altogether too handsome and too charming. Somehow she needs to keep her secret, save her kingdom and find a way to free herself from the curse. The last thing she has time to do is sleep.

In this reimagining of the classic fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty, it’s only the princess’ mind that is asleep. And sometimes appearances can be deceiving.



Celeste, as Aurora, and William rescues one of her agents, and a fight ensues. Rumours of a rebellion. Her uncle means to kill her aunt; she agrees out of a sense of revenge and justice. A violent storm rocks the ship, and Celeste is almost thrown off-board. Someone is thrown from a horse, their neck broken instantly. A baby and a nursemaid is caught in a fire and suffocates from the smoke. Bats attack the princess. Several fights break out at the end; a character is stabbed in the chest, but is healed.



Celeste is beautiful, and so has constant admirers flocking to her at social gatherings. William pays her special attention as well, although he looks at Aurora the same way. Several almost-kisses, and several kisses. A character jokes about peeking on someone bathing.



Brandy offered.



A topic of discussion is whether her aunt was punished as she should have been- the law required death, yet she had only received banishment.

There is a rebellion in the making; the very thing that Celeste/Aurora wishes to prevent.






a mention of the High King and his godmothers. They High King has rules regarding healing someone almost dead, and rewards true love.



Her aunt cursed her to die when she turned 16, but the curse was altered so that her mind only slept.


Overall feel: It’s a beautiful story of a girl who learns to let go of hate and bitterness, and instead find freedom in forgiveness. It has action, love, intrigue… and besides a few kisses and injuries, is completely clean and engaging.

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