The Princess Companion- Melanie Cellier

Synopsis: One dark and stormy night, lost and alone, Alyssa finds herself knocking on the door of a castle.

After a lifetime spent in the deep forest, Alyssa has no idea what to expect on the other side.

What she finds is two unruly young princesses and one very handsome prince. When Alyssa accepts the job of Princess Companion she knows her life will change. What she doesn’t know is that the royal family is about to be swept up in unexpected danger and intrigue and that she just might be the only thing standing between her kingdom and destruction.

This retelling of the classic fairy tale, The Princess and the Pea, reimagines the risks and rewards that come when one royal family goes searching for a true princess.

Danger and romance await a woodcutter’s daughter in a royal palace.



Max held at gunpoint; Alyssa hit in the face. Someone is shot through the head. Mention of an attempted assassination which is foiled when the assassin is killed. Alyssa is arrested, and a soldier runs a hand up her arm in an insinuating manner. Taken by force, Alyssa receives a blow to the head; she is bound tightly and painfully and cuts herself accidentally.



Max and Alyssa are drawn to each other from the beginning; they share a kiss. Max’s parents want him to marry, and give him the option of three princesses, who come to visit. Alyssa flirts harmlessly with several court members. A maid is two-timed by a butler, who tries to charm Alyssa as well. The twins have a crush on some of Max’s friends.



Max orders a beer. Drunk men at the inn speak of treason.



Alyssa is tasked with spying for the king, which she does. However, she goes behind the king’s back and betrays his trust.








Overall feel: A beautiful story of a kindhearted girl who falls in love and foils a plan for war all over the course of a year. The story teaches compassion, honesty, kindness, selflessness and love; sometimes through the stories Alyssa tells the twins, sometimes through the lessons she herself learns. With clean romance and a little intrigue and action, the story won’t disappoint.


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