Still Star-Crossed- Melinda Taub

Synopsis: Still Star-Crossed follows the aftermath of the tragic deaths of Romeo and Juliet, as mysterious figures in Verona are determined to reignite the feud between the Montagues and the Capulets.

In fair Verona, enemies still walk the streets.

Two news hearts. Same two families.

The fight to the altar is about to happen.

All. Over. Again.

This homage to the classic Shakespearean tale of Romeo and Juliet will have readers pining for a star-crossed love of their very own.



Frequent killings stemmed from hatred between the two houses. Roseline is almost raped, Benvolio withstands many injuries. Paris is nursed to health from the brink of death, caused by being stabbed. Numerous people killed, which is described but not dwelt upon. An uprising results in a war, and the battle is described.



A few kisses between Roseline and Benvolio, who are engaged. She almost marries the Prince, whom she has ‘loved’ since young. Talk of virtue and keeping one’s reputation. The Prince blackmails Roseline by keeping her at the palace in his rooms during a night, so she has to marry to save her reputation. Nothing happens… Her virtue is questioned when she runs with Benvolio at night and journeying with him.



As mentioned, the Prince blackmails Roseline, but in order to keep her, makes her drunk. Wine is drunk throughout the book.



An uprising is led against the prince. Talk of rebellious youths. The prince learns how to navigate ruling, how to manage a country and a people, how to become a good leader.



The words b*stard and whore are used, and an exclamation or two of, “oh God!”



They pray. Nuns and monks are mentioned, and they visit an abbey/monastery or two. The Friar marries them.


Overall feel:  Two star-crossed lovers… do not be mislead- this was no predictable retelling. Those who do not enjoy a story with violence and intrigue, written with a more proper style, and a mature theme, this is not for you. However, if you enjoy a well written, suspenseful, true-to-it’s time novel, then you’re bound to enjoy this read. Content and style wise, it is recommended for older readers.

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