Why hello there!

Thank you so much for finding me! I hope this post clears up who I am and the objective I have.

Klara Sofe is my pen name, and I will gladly hide behind it. I’m still in high school, trying to juggle everything, and I need to be quick writing this post. World War One awaits me.

As an analyst, I will give you in-depth reviews on books about content and themes within. I hate picking up an exciting novel, only to put it down because of… *clears throat* things I don’t want to know. This resource will be available to you- if you’re a parent, wanting the best for their child, or a teen, discerning about what they read.

Besides this objective, I am going to start putting my name out there as an author and ambassador. The former, because I want to make it my career and I need to have feedback and support if I am to succeed.

As an ambassador, I have two roles.

The first, and most important, is being an ambassador for Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour. By this statement, you are correct in assuming I am a Christian. I hope my worldview and faith is reflected in all I do.

The second role is this; I live in many worlds. I’m constantly travelling to different worlds and universes, meeting different people and seeing their story unfold. I could be walking down the street and BAM!

I’m in a dystopian, run-down village. The clouds are darkening, due to the tears they are shedding and the fading daylight.

I look up as footsteps approach me, hoping its not someone I need to avoid. I’m alone, not able to defend myself. My eyes meet the gaze of my brother, and I exhale in relief.

“You scared me!” I exclaim, giving him a side hug. He returns it, offering me a slight smile, but says nothing else. He hasn’t spoken since… well, that fateful day when all was lost. We manage without words, though.

“How was work?” I ask, turning back the way I came. We’re walking home now, ready for dinner. 

He nods at me, offering a slight shrug before wincing. I close my eyes for a second, frustrated, and then exhale. “I have salves at home. New ones, Mr Barry was-

Sorry, got carried away there for a second.

But this happens- and I’ve decided I’d love to be an ambassador for all these worlds I see and travel to- if you’d like to see more snippets, shorts or be there the day I finally publish my full-length novel, then I welcome you as fellow traveller and explorer.

If you wanna stick around, just contact me or check out my stuff in inkitt or wattpad. The links to both are found under the ‘contact’ page.

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